fireworks on july 4th

2019 July 4th Recap

  • Jul 30
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The Fourth of July was an all-day party at Coney Island with options of amusement rides, Aquarium visits, and beach tanning. Nothing can beat July 4th fireworks at the end of the day!

Hot Dog Contest Aerial View with Confetti

The day began at 10am, Nathan’s presented their hot dog eating contest on the corner of Stillwell and Surf Ave. Viewers were shouting and adrenaline pulsed as the contestants shoveled copious amounts of hotdogs into their mouths in the span of only 10 minutes. Ultimately, Joey Chestnut once again took the win having consumed 71 hot dogs. Miki Sudo, a 6-time mustard belt winner defeats the women’s side with 31 hot dogs.

transparent image
New York Aquarium

What did Coney Island-visitors do after such a thrilling activity of hot-dog eating? Options were almost endless. Many, of course, went to the beach and strolled the boardwalks for games, food and fun. Others had the choice of watching outrageous and invigorating performances at the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. The New York Aquarium was also open for visitors which is a great family activity, especially when the need to cool down surfaces after being under the sun on a hot summer day.

transparent image
Bright red July 4th fireworks on top left of photo

After a day which many spend at barbecues, or at the hot dog eating contest and beach lounging with family and friends, the July 4th Steeplechase spectacular fireworks show lit up the skies to mark the end of a celebratory day at 10pm. 
You ought to experience this eventful day at least once! So if you didn’t spend July 4th with us this year, make sure to join us next year!