Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Waters Swimmers (CIBBOWS)

3145 Brighton 4th St. New York, NY 11235

(347) 946-2422

Swimming Events in Brooklyn on the Open Water

New York City swimmers searching for new challenges and the opportunity for comaradery are ditching indoor pools for the inspiring setting of the Atlantic. Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Waters Swimmers (CIBBOWS) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that serves as a comprehensive resource for ocean swimmers of all experience levels. So, if you are interested in training swims off the beaches of Coney Island and Brighton Beach, affordable races and the widest variety of swimming events in Brooklyn on the open water, CIBBOWS has what you’ve been searching for.

Founded in 2005, CIBBOWS has touched the lives of thousands while at the same time driving interest and important tourism to the region. It annually hosts a year-round series of local events and ocean races, in addition to regional and national championships for US Masters Swimming. More than just a Brooklyn swimming club, the not-for-profit organization advocates for environmental improvements to New York Harbor, public access to its waters and affordable programming that allow more people to enjoy swimming at NYC beaches.

Get wet on the open waters with CIBBOWS and become a part of an organization that’s championing ocean swimming in Coney Island.