Coney Island History Project

3059 West 12th Street. Brooklyn, NY 11224

(347) 702-8553

Coney Island History Like Your Never Witnessed it Before

Great subjects make learning about history fun, and there’s nothing quite as entertaining as delving into this neighborhood’s colorful past. Located on West 12th Street at the entrance to Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, the Coney Island History Project (founded by Charles Denson, author of Coney Island Lost and Found) pays tribute to local culture by telling its story in a unique and genuine way. Admission is always free, and visitors are treated to the wonders of an exhibition center packed with local artifacts, films and photos, special exhibits and the one-and-only Coney Island Hall of Fame.

Whether you are in the market for unforgettable Brooklyn day trips or family friendly things to do in New York City, the Coney Island History Project (open weekends from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day) always delivers. Take a break from the action of the amusement parks, beach and boardwalk, grab a souvenir photo-op with an original Steeplechase horse and enjoy an intimate listen to the recorded voices of local residents and nostalgic visitors recanting stories of the past in the amazing Oral History Archive. For those looking to make a day of it, download the History Project’s free audio/video walking tour of “Coney Island’s Amusement Area —Past & Present” or jump on a one and a half-hour, expert-guided walking tour (offered year-round on weekends/advanced reservations required) of local historic landmarks and current attractions.