Coney Island Cyclone

Take a Ride on Coney Island Roller Coaster

History Of all the wondrous attractions packed into Coney Island’s historic amusement area, nothing else quite captures the imagination of the masses as the legendary roller coaster situated on the corners of Surf Avenue and West 10th Street. Since all the way back on June 26, 1927, riding the Cyclone roller coaster has been a right of passage for all genuine thrill-ride enthusiasts from New York City and around the world. A lot has changed since the Cyclone’s auspicious debuted, but it’s nice to know certain classics are impervious to time and capable of delivering the same thrilling experience that’s exactly the same as your great-great-grandparents might have enjoyed.

Owned by the City of New York and operated by Luna Park, the Cyclone is more than just a fabulously exhilarating wooden roller coaster. It’s a living piece of Coney Island history named as a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s your unique chance to take an exciting ride on a world famous roller coaster that tops everyone’s list of the best things to do in Brooklyn for sheer, unadulterated fun