B&B Carousell

Coney Island History Comes Alive on the B&B Carousell

Immerse yourself in Coney Island history with a whimsical ride on the famous B&B Carousell. Located in Steeplechase Plaza adjacent to the Coney Island beach and boardwalk, this exquisite old-world amusement ride takes passengers on a delightful journey. Step right up, choose the brightly adorned stallion that tickles your fancy and feel the sense of anticipation as this one-of-a-kind carousel whirs to life in a joyous atmosphere of brilliant lights and familiar sights and sounds.

What better way to enjoy some quality time than at a family-friendly activity in Brooklyn that’s a living relic of the Golden Age in amusement parks? Originally assembled in 1919 and recently restored to its original majesty, the ride represents the last true example in a proud tradition of historic Coney Island carousels. Featuring 50 hand-carved wooden horses (36 jumpers and 14 standers) and two glorious chariots, the B&B Carousell is the perfect combination of old and new and the essence of what today’s Coney Island is all about.