Beach and Boardwalk

If Paris is France, Coney Island, between June and September, is the World.  

A New York special that needs no introduction, the Coney Island beach and boardwalk offers a space that is truly unique. Paving the way for the amusement park industry, Coney Island is home to legendary attractions. Its innovative and forward-thinking designs revolutionized the idea of what amusement parks could offer, inspiring others like Disneyland to follow along this thrilling ride. Attracting several million visitors a year at its peak between 1880 and World War II, it offered an escape from the hot New York summers. Decades later, Coney Island is still a must-see for people worldwide with its almost 3 miles of sandy beaches and sunny skies. Also accessible by major train lines as the first stop on the D, F, N and Q, it makes the perfect day trip. Run towards the rolling waves with your family and practice your spike with some beach volleyball with friends, this beach has it all.

Stepping onto the lively boardwalk, you will be immediately greeted by the sky-high rides and the endless ocean. Opened on May 15, 1923, the boardwalk quickly became an honorary and more recently, official, New York City landmark. One of the best known waterfront promenades in the world and referred to as “Coney Island’s Fifth Avenue,” the boardwalk is home to world famous events, such as the Mermaid Parade and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, and the weekly Friday night fireworks. Its history has made it a household name filled with nostalgia and wonder. Walk along and explore the many attractions and iconic food vendors Coney Island has to offer. You’re shore to be impressed!