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Burlesque Uncaged: The Striptease Tribute to Nicolas Cage-Burlesque at the Beach

Burlesque Uncaged: The Striptease Tribute to Nicolas Cage-Burlesque at the Beach

1208 Surf Ave.


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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Brought to you by Coney Island U.S.A.

This summer BASTARD KEITH and NEIL O'FORTUNE, two of NYC's favorite burlesque emcees and producers, return to the world-famous Coney Island USA stage with the staggering conclusion of their epic three-year trilogy. It began with BURTLESQUE: The Striptease Tribute to Burt Reynolds. It continued with BurleSHque: The Striptease Tribute to Sean Connery and NOW, the amazing conclusion: Burlesque UNCAGED: The Striptease Tribute to Nicolas Cage!

Part of Coney Island's legendary Burlesque at the Beach series, Burlesque UNCAGED is a night of nearly-naked entertainment as uniquely talented and completely unhinged as its subject, the Master of Mega-acting himself: Nicolas Cage. Performances will pay tribute to the entirety of his astonishing career: from the wacky, nasal everyman who charmed us in Raising Arizona and Moonstruck, to the 90s action hero of Con Air and Face/Off, to his unrealized obsession with playing Superman, all the way to kicking women in the chest while dressed as a bear in The Wicker Man and beyond.

Nicolas Cage is truly one of a kind and always entertaining, and your hosts Keith and Neil have assembled a lineup of stars to do him justice: CHEEKY LANE, CORVETTE LE FACE, EVELYN VINYL, FANCY FEAST, FEM APPEAL, MADAME ROSEBUD and STOCKHOLM FILLY! Plus stage kitten DOLLY DEBUTANTE, live music, audience participation and plenty of dubiously-hairlined, eye-bugging surprises! This show is so big, so can't-miss, it's the ONLY Thursday night burlesque show at Coney Island this year! Be there!

Tickets are $12 online, or at the door.

Advance tickets at:


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