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Coney Island History Project Exhibit Center

Coney Island History Project Exhibit Center



Sunday, April 16, 2017

Brought to you by Coney Island History Project

You're invited to visit the Coney Island History Project's exhibition center on Easter Sunday. View historic artifacts, photographs, maps, ephemera and films of Coney Island's colorful past. Admission is FREE!

Take a FREE souvenir photo with an original Steeplechase horse from the legendary ride that gave Steeplechase Park (1897-1964) its name and "Skully," a figure from Coney's classic Spookhouse and Spook-A-Rama dark rides.

Among the treasures on display at the Coney Island History Project is Coney's oldest surviving artifact. See the 1823 wooden Toll House Sign which dates back to the days when the toll for a horse and rider to "the Island" was 5 cents!

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