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Killing Republicans -A Rock Opera-

Killing Republicans -A Rock Opera-

1214 Surf Ave.


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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Brought to you by Coney Island U.S.A.

After the performance, audience discussion/Rock rebellion with the writer, director & actors lead by writer RUTH MARGRAFF, Professor of Creative Writing, School of the Arts Institute Chicago. Plus live music by SOMBRE REPTILES "A Bowie Drag"!

The plot of KILLING REPUBLICANS is a fantasy conversation among First Class passengers on a transatlantic flight:

Jodie Foster the actress...
Goodness Gracious a Nigerian pop singer ...
and her husband, Billy Bob From Biloxi a rich rockabilly oil rig foreman...

They have drinks, talk politics and sing about the history of assassination attempts on Republicans from Abe Lincoln and Senator Charles Sumner, through McKinley, Garfield, Roosevelt, Ford and Reagan. They sometimes sing about "Poor People In Coach" and other times wonder who really ended slavery, Lincoln the Republican or Democrat Lyndon Banes Johnson?

Songs are influenced by music style including the Ramones in a punk anthem also inspired by Walt Whitman "Oi, Captain! My Captain"; Sex Pistols inspired "It's A New Century,Republicans"; Hendrix inspired "Love Republicans"; Hardcore Thrash Metal inspired "That's When We Googled Garfield"; SonicYouth inspired "We Must Be Suffering Jetlag"; and Johnny Cash inspired "The Ballad of Teddy Roosevelt"

BillyBob from Biloxi: Nikos Brisco
Jodie Foster: Juliet Schaefer
Goodness Gracious: Jessi Williams
Jet Stream: Celina Leroy
Jet Stream: Amanda Jencsik

Book & Lyrics: Dick D. Zigun
Original Music: Cristian Amigo
Director: Terry O'Reilly
Sound & Video Design: Dennis Catalfumo
Scenic & Costume Design: Kate Dale
Scenery & Properties: Alix Martin
Stage Manager: Amanda Jencsik

Tickets are $15 online, or at the door.

Advance tickets at:

 A Funhouse Philosophers Production

Produced by

Funded in part by NYC Department of Cultural Affairs 

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