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Rock at the Beach: Rob*A*Lou Roadhouse

Rock at the Beach: Rob*A*Lou Roadhouse

1214 Surf Ave.


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8pm - Midnight


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Brought to you by Coney Island U.S.A.

ROB*A*LOU's throwin' a Roadhouse Show, live at Coney Island, USA!

ROB*A*LOU ROADHOUSE is an explosive celebration of the trailblazing power of American music

This edition features...

The Hipp Pipps-Foot Stompin', Hip-shakin', Rip-Roarin' American Rock N Roll!

The Dirty Stayouts-Raw, Biker-Stained Cow-Punk, straight outta the swamps o' Jersey!

Rob*A*Lou-BOLD SCHOOL ROCKABILLY...High-octane, energetic rock-n-roll with grit, twang and swamp, played like a freight train overloaded with dynamite goin' downhill with no brakes through a Hellstorm!

For this ROADHOUSE, ROB*A*LOU plays one set of BASTARDBILLY, then another set of COUNTRYBILLY... Hear the best of the B-Sides of CASH, ELVIS, ORBISON, YOAKAM, WAYLON, WILLIE, etc...played with BIG GUITAR, BIG UPRIGHT BASS, BIGGER DRUMS & PEDAL STEEL (fer the Country jams).

ROB*A*LOU is proud to bring his ROB*A*LOU ROADHOUSE to historic CONEY ISLAND, U.S.A!

Tickets are $15 online, or at the door.

Advance tickets at:


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